Majestic Role Models With Flaws

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Majestic Role Models with Flaws is bringing you the start of a different kind of experience that is dedicated to the dreamers who want to turn their Dreams and passions into a REALITY.  Another way of "BUILDING a LEGACY for the FUTURE of ENTERTAINMENT

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Mariah Marie Jerido the audacious founder of  (former) “Ms. Pecan and More Entertainment now Follow Me Get Plugged-N” and the creator of the web series “Beautiful by Jerido” based on the true to life experiences of models who are considered imperfect by today’s standards and upcoming I Wanna Be A Model Too for models of diversity.  Affectionately known in the entertainment culture as Ms. Pecan, Mariah has overcome crippling circumstances in order to follow her dream of reaching back and giving exposure to artist’s who are aspiring to have a career in the entertainment industry. Whether producing creative content for public television, magazine or showcasing talent, Ms. Pecan has open doors and given the up and coming and entertainment professionals a prominent platform to present their talent. 


Passion and a dream steer you. Beautiful by Jerido” currently in production and slated to become a reality television series was written, created and executive produced by Mariah Marie Jerido. Inspired by the horrific car accident that she suffered in 2003 that left her in a coma for two months and hospitalized for three months, Mariah felt it deeply in her spirit the foundation of “Majestic Role Models With Flaws” and developed a show that detailed the life of women and now men who had experienced physical trauma in their lives and had been deemed flawed by the customary standard of beauty. As a survivor and supporter of domestic violence too, Mariah’s passion is continuously fueled by the desire to restore and empower each individual that she encounters. Serving as a role model herself and making a difference in the livelihood of others has encouraged Mariah to donate her time, expertise, experience and creativity to the entertainment industry so that she may enhance and contribute to the advancement of the human condition.

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 The individuals of Majestic Role Models With Flaws are Ordinary Women and now Men are  Beautifully Flawed. They aspire to be Role Models and to share their stories of how they overcame obstacles in the face of obscurity which may have left bad memories and physical damage. 


Why us? Because we are set apart from other competitors. We strive to make our Role models the very best Role Models for any occasion. Majestic Models And Models With Flaws is here to change the trends of proper Role Models and Models etiquette and to share in the vast opportunities. 


Our Role Models are ordinary Women and now Men who have Testimonies to tell. Each of our Role Models and Models has a testimony of what life has been like because of their challenges and how they overcame those challenges And next, there is the final ingredient... The audience is like a big pie. Somewhere in that pie are those who will like what we do. It shouldn't matter how we look, our age or race. All we have to do is satisfy the audience. From that, we can then enjoy our very own piece of the pie. 



"The only one we’re in competition with in this world is ourselves."